Rewatching The Mandalorian (Grogu is still the cutest!)

I’ve recently re-watched The Mandalorian and boy, did I miss a lot the first time around. I was in my socially isolated bubble at the time and watching each episode as it was coming out, so it was more like watching on schedule. Re-watching helped me catch a lot of new details I really hadn’t noticed before. I didn’t realize Boba Fett was a lot more dangerous a killer and bounty hunter than the Mandalorian.

It’s interesting how much more I retained this time around that I totally didn’t the first time, like a flagon of spotchka for a favorite soup or drink. I didn’t notice The Mandalorian’s initial dislike of droids, which was a repeated theme in the show and that changed after the nurse droid sacrificed himself to save the others from a lot of Storm Troopers waiting to ambush them.

One episode I clearly did remember was the horrible Ice Spiders, which was just awful… that was basically a horror movie in a short span. The frogs were good characters too, since despite the initial inability to communicate – they made good babysitters to the Child. Speaking of good babysitters, Ahsoka Tano was pretty cool too.

My brother made fun of me for forgetting major characters like Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker, but it was many months since the last time I watched it. My lack of knowledge of the Star Wars universe is largely due to me not able to stay awake during Episode 1 and not having seen any of the animated series.

I should probably rewatch more than just The Mandalorian, eventually I guess. One of my former coworkers made me want to watch Star Wars Rebels to get a little caught up on it. On the job front, I had an interview the other day which I flubbed and I have another one tomorrow! A childhood friend also mentioned her company was hiring for a position I could do!

I’ve recently refreshed my laptop with a fresh OS install, which has motivated me to learn to make my own Fitbit Watch face! I just used a photo of my cat as a kitten and moved the clock down in CSS and added the date and battery percentage. Unfortunately, the battery percentage isn’t updating so I wonder if the date will. It’s a lot of new exciting stuff to learn though. I don’t consider myself much of a programmer, but I think custom watch faces are pretty fun.

Of all the silly things I’ve spent money on, Fitbit Watch Faces are some of my silliest purchases because I don’t even usually use them all. I just like being able to have access to them. I usually only spend a few dollars for a bunch, so it’s not a big deal. And an update to my Birthday wishlist post, I got a Sony a6000 for a reasonable price! I’m excited because another seller stopped responding to me that I won from that was a little more expensive.

I’m excited to finally try a mirrorless camera and to get one for a decent price. Looking forward to upping my photography game and adding some better photos to this site! As for my Christmas list, I’m not sure if I need anything more than a job… maybe just more accessories for the new camera. Though I really want to dye my hair pink again, maybe not as bright as last time though.

I actually ordered some Overtone stuff during their Cyber Week sale and still kicking myself for not ordering a slightly more expensive package that came with one more item. Oh well, I guess it’s better to try it out a little first.

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