About me

Hi, I’m Liane! It’s a pleasure to meet you!

I’m a Webmaster, writer, photographer, videographer, and social media enthusiast. I moved to San Francisco from Southern California in 2021, though I also lived in SF between 2005-2006.

About my blog

This blog is about music, art, fashion, beauty, technology, and whatever is on my mind. I enjoy online shopping and reviewing interesting and useful products. I also throw in the occasional movie or TV show review if I see one worth mentioning. I also gladly accept guest and sponsored posts. Email me Liane Chan at liane.chan[at]me.com or fill out my online Contact form for more info on having your content or brand featured! I’m far from a Social Media influencer, but have many followers on Twitter (3k), Instagram (1k), and Facebook (about 2k combined).

Writing and Photography

For current and past work info, please visit my portfolio. I currently contribute reviews and photos to Torched Magazine and Backseat Mafia. I’ve written reviews (and occasionally photographed) for various websites (The Scenestar, In Music We Trust, MishMash Magazine, Losing Today, Examiner.com, AXS). I’ve taken and posted thousands of photos on Instagram and Flickr and have a lot of concert videos on YouTube, though I’m more of a spectator wanting to share my experiences.

Professional Experience

I’ve recently completed some contract work with Nasdaq and TeamBeachbody.com assisting in content updates and QA. My past work includes web production, design, and development (site migration, site maintenance and e-commerce integration) at Metro Los Angeles, Hulu, So Cal Gas Company, and SuperMedia. For more info on my background and professional experience, check out my portfolio.

I’m currently not available for full-time work, but always open to part-time projects and contract gigs (as long as they’re remote).

Educational Background

I originally studied psychology at UCLA and earned a Bachelor of Arts in 2002, with a minor in Classical Civilizations. I also had a strong interest in Anthropology and East Asian Languages and Cultures, which led me to study Japanese and Mandarin Chinese (one of the native languages of my mom’s side). However, I’m not great at retaining and learning multiple languages, so my current level of any of those is very basic. I’m currently learning Arabic for fun, though I have some family who speak it.

Working on websites was an interest that began in high school thanks to an ROP class in Web Design, but never manifested until after college when I used my BRMC obsession to create a fan website for them. In 2009, I continued my studies in Web Design and added courses in Game Design at Fullerton College, receiving certificates for both in 2010 and earning a Joyce Morton Scholarship for Women in Technology.

My professional interests include Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, and UX Design.

Personal and Leisure Time

I manage multiple Social Media accounts for personal purposes, occasionally sponsored by Influenster and Intellifluence. I accept guest posts, though I thoroughly review content for how useful it is to me and my readers. In my spare time, I enjoy playing mobile games and online passive games. I also enjoy going to concerts and trips with friends.

I’m currently raising an adorable cat named Peanut, so my priorities are more on properly caring for this dear cat and taking as many photos and videos as my phone will allow. In the past, I’ve enjoyed knitting and crocheting, drawing, and painting, and occasionally playing piano. My skills are rusty, but I think I still remember how!


For other webmasters/WordPress users: my current theme is Top Blog by Firefly Themes, which I discussed in a recent blog post.


Email me Liane Chan at liane.chan[at]me.com or fill out my online Contact form.

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