FitBit Sense Watch Face featuring Peanut as a kitten!

Yesterday, I started making a custom Fitbit Watch Face! And as the headline suggests, it features my adorable cat Peanut as a kitten.  Developing watch faces requires a little knowledge of JavaScript and CSS, but it’s actually not too bad with the help of the Dev forums. Tonight, I added heart rate, steps, calories burned, and day of week. Earlier, I just had battery percentage, month and day, and of course the time – which is not as simple as you’d think, but like I said, the forums really help.

I mentioned in my previous post how I’ve spent small amounts of money on many Fitbit watch faces, so I don’t see it as a stream of income considering there are many people making tons of custom watch faces and selling them for pennies. Still, it’s a fun project and honestly, it gets me more excited about programming and designing. I’ve spent hours deciding on and trying different watch faces, so making my own is very satisfying.

As a Fitbit user for years, it’s also very exciting trying my hand at development. I wasn’t sure I could justify getting the Fitbit Sense until now since it’s so useful for this process. Also, the Simulator really isn’t working for me. Anyways, for someone who doesn’t necessarily love to exercise, I do love seeing my stats of being inactive vs active and seeing my heart rate and such. I haven’t made enough use of the Fitbit Sense’s special features like Stress relief, ECG, or skin temperature…

I really just wanted to try Fitbit Premium, which I hardly use. Anyways, I love staring at my cat as a kitten, though he’s still so cute now. I’m not sure I’d be able to make a watch face other people would want to use, but I enjoy the learning process so far. Fixing issues is frustrating yet satisfying. I am stressed about my job search and financial situation, so it gives me something to be excited about so I’m not too upset about bad interviews and bad debts.

There is a sense of impending doom right now, but I’m trying to get through it without breaking down. I had some pretty upsetting news this morning that threw off a phone interview I had shortly after. I forgot to eat lunch completely and spent most of my day in my room finishing up some business that might help. I’m much closer to getting out of this bad situation than before, but it does require a lot of outside help. I’ll maybe post more in depth about this later, if I get out of it okay.

For now, I’m still looking forward to the new camera, getting accessories for it, and trying new hair products. I’m getting a little discouraged in my job search, but I have some leads. I want to go back to SoCal to take care of some things, but my dad’s health also makes that a difficult trip since my mom can’t help him if he falls and doesn’t want to help him most of the time. Well, I’ve rambled on long enough… I have a lot of stuff in SoCal I want to bring up, but there’s only so much space in my room and it’s pretty full already.

I want to fill up a clothes bag to send to ThredUp soon, but aside from that, I have been inactive on the selling front. I’m going to have to part with some recent Ulta purchases, just based on my lack of use and having too much. I’ve probably spent more there than most other places!

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