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Birthday wishlist

Well, my birthday was on the 21st and it’s been about as eventful as a 42nd birthday can be… I got a free Charburger with cheese from Habit Burger, a free Briogeo Hair mask from Ulta, and I still have some other treats I can take advantage of until next month. There are still more things I want, but seem unlikely with my current financial situation.

What do I want now?

Australia is still high on my wishlist because of winning that festival prize and now a DSLR or mirrorless camera, since I haven’t gotten a new digital camera in years. It seems only a little more likely than a trip to Australia. There are so many options, but unfortunately they’re all more than I want to spend. I did get some nice drawing supplies from my brother, which was cool since I want to try working with charcoal still.

(Image credit: Panasonic/Nikon)
(Image credit: Panasonic/Nikon)





Careers vs Jobs

Jobs are tricky things, so far I’ve only managed to get contract work.  I’m not even sure a full time job would work for me now that I’m in San Francisco and my family actually would prefer me to work from home, and so would I. I’m not the type to become an influencer, but I wouldn’t mind getting some internet fame if it would help pay the bills. Any work experience would be nice for me now, but I’m honestly unsure what I want to do if I could choose a career.

This year, I didn’t do a birthday fundraiser since I feel like I’m more in need than a charity. Also, I don’t want to ask my friends to donate to any causes for me, in case they weren’t doing well financially. I was watching “King Richard”, which is biopic on Venus and Serena Williams and their dad. It was very well done and showed me their greatness was definitely encouraged and developed by their parents.

Artistic Pursuits

Anyways, my life is not particularly bad, despite my lack of accomplishments. I’m not expecting to be a top tennis player or athlete of any sort, I think I’m still pretty talented artistically and I can focus on that in my down time. The paint and sip with Beachbody really helped me see I’m still not bad with a brush and I know I’m better with a pencil. My Beachbody manager was pretty enthusiastic about my painting ability, but that’s a talent not needed for that job!

Painting to Gogh Flying Bison
Painting to Gogh Flying Bison

So I guess my wish list is 1) Financial Security, 2) DSLR or Mirrorless Camera and 3) trip to Adelaide, Australia in March 2022. I’m betting I can manage #2 only, but I’m putting the rest out there in case I have a fairy godmother/godfather who wants to help with the other two!

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