Shoedazzle/JustFab VIP sale

Every year around this time, I make a big purchase from Shoedazzle (and usually their sister site JustFab). This year, I’m doing so early because I had a credit from accidentally not skipping a month and a return. I couldn’t resist this year because they had some stuff I’d been watching on clearance, in addition to the big sale.

My order included 3 pairs of boots (a couple on my wish list for years were under $10, one was under $5!), a pair of flats, a wrap top, faux leather biker vest, faux suede belted moto jacket, and faux fur shoulder bag. And using the credit I already had made the total purchase a whopping $8.72 since I got free shipping and $40 off! I splurged a little on clothes thanks to the sale.

I have a bunch of unworn boots and shoes at home, yet I still can’t resist these sales. Some day I will sell some, but for now, I’m treating myself for my birthday month. JustFab is having the exact same sale and with almost the same stock, I can’t really tell if there’s much difference.

More clearance in Shoedazzle gives it the edge for me… I think I prefer JustFab’s clothes and jewelry, but Shoedazzle for shoes and bags. There probably isn’t a huge difference as they are one company. In case you’re wondering, a VIP member is just anyone who is a member. It is free to join though you have to remember to skip every month. Otherwise, both sites charge you $39.95 for one credit. It’s worked out for me this year, but I’m not always so lucky!

I recommend both sites if you love boots and shoes in general… the clothes and bags haven’t really sold me, most items haven’t become a permanent part of my collection. The boots, on the other hand, became regular additions to my work wardrobe. Working from home does change things, but I still love the deals! I do kind of wonder if people are buying more or less online due to the pandemic… I’m guessing more since going to stores is harder.

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