Calbright College and LinkedIn Learning

I’ve also been enrolled in an IT program with Calbright College since May, which has been hard to keep up with since I started freelancing in August. It’s been far too long since I posted on here, and I have been pretty busy. Since moving to San Francisco in June, I’ve helped my family with my dad, who’s limited in movement from walking – which has been especially tough for mom to deal with. We’re getting help with meals and cleaning, plus nurse care.

I also keep thinking I should learn more web development stuff despite my inexperience and unimpressive coding skills. One nice extra with Calbright has been access to LinkedIn Learning, which has been a good way to pick up new skills that I’m not going to necessarily use. My end goal with Calbright was possibly studying Cybersecurity, though getting IT certified is an added bonus.

I accidentally started using the Career Karma app, which has gotten me too many calls from coding bootcamps. I know its a booming business, but I feel it’s too expensive and I’m just not interested. FreeCodeCamp is free and easy to use and I still haven’t finished it! I’m getting to the point where I find learning new stuff difficult, though Calbright College is a supportive platform and free.

It is self-paced, which works for me though my pace has been extra slow. I’m still far from finishing the CompTIA+ program, but it’s nice to have access to it and LinkedIn Learning. I’ve actually gotten farther in the LinkedIn Learning 20th Century Skills course than the 2nd Core Competency course, though I find video courses a little too passive.

One thing I’m still not doing much of is going to shows. My last one was in August: Small Black and Korine at the Independent, which was fine though I found Korine a more exciting live act and too many annoying couples in front of me. I still like Small Black’s music, but they’re just not as fun or danceable live. I’m trying to sell my ticket to Bauhaus in London on the 30th, but it’s not looking good.

Another odd thing is I’m kind of wanting to join The Body Shop at Home, but I felt I just missed out on the $59 Business Kit deal and I don’t want to sign up until I can get that. I have no interest in selling, but I love the products and would probably end up buying too much… anyways, MLMs are always a losing game for me, as they are for most people. On a positive note, I’ve made nearly $200 from my last ThredUp box, which will end up over $400 if everything sells.

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