KISS Nails New York Voguish Fantasy Nail Kit & Precision Nail Glue

I’ve been putting off trying these nails for a bit because I started a new job this week and need my fingers for typing. However, these nails were too fabulous and gorgeous to resist. Here’s my short reviews of them both:

KISS Nails New York Voguish Fantasy Nail Kit

I was hesitant to try these due to the length, but they look great on my hands and I’m very happy with the shape. I trimmed and filed them a little to suit my needs, but they look so fancy and worked well with the glue I had. They feel like they will last a lot longer than other press-on nails and look so much better than an expensive manicure! Bonus points for matching my cat!

KISS Nails Precision Nail Glue

This nail glue works great with acrylics, I tried them with Kiss Nails Voguish Fantasy and was happy with how easy it was to apply. I think it requires a bit more patience than with press-on nails because you have to add glue to both the fake and real nails. One other benefit is that it can be re-used if nails fall off, which never seems to be the case with press-ons. I’m very happy with the results and I think this will be my go-to nail glue now.

On a personal note, the new job is going smoothly and my new co-workers are very nice and friendly. I’ve got a lot to learn from them, but they’re understanding so far on how much info there is to absorb at once. Things are also better at home since my dad is getting stronger each day. We’re all very happy about his improvement.

Last night, I also finally went to a concert after over a year of no shows. It was Small Black and Korine at the Independent. I won tickets from Amoeba San Francisco, who I always love visiting when I’m in the neighborhood. The show was good and I ended up more a fan of the opener because they were so 80’s sounding and more animated on stage. It seems they are more on the goth side, which I also like. I still like Small Black’s music, but I guess they’re more of a chill out music band.

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