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TV worth watching: Corner Gas, Yellowstone, Ted Lasso

TV is a great distraction as well as entertainment and my brother has helped me discover a lot of new shows. This has not been a really great time for my family. My dad was admitted to a hospital about a couple weeks ago after a few very bad days of seeming very dizzy and weak, and not eating. It turns out he had 3 stomach ulcers due to taking Alleve every night. He had some other issues, but that’s the main reason for his stay. Anyways, he’s doing much better now and can even sit up on his own.

On a lighter note, I’ve enjoyed a lot more TV shows lately. Here’s my current list of new favorite shows:

Corner Gas (Amazon Prime)

Corner Gas is my latest TV discovery, it’s about a small fictional town called Dog River in Saskatchewan, Canada. The characters are a quirky bunch, it’s sort of like a nicer version of Seinfeld. They’re funny, but possibly more sarcastic and less confrontational. I saw it advertised on an Amazon Echo Shows in my brother’s room and we ended up watching the whole 6 seasons and the movie in a week. I haven’t watched the Animated Series yet, but I think I’ll watch it eventually.

Yellowstone (Peacock/Paramount Network)

Yellowstone is totally different, a drama about rancher family in Montana that gets in a lot of trouble, but manage to get out of it with a lot of cowboy justice. Most of the characters have killed someone and get beat up pretty badly. Kevin Costner is the main character John Dutton, and the father of 3 grown adult children, though he does also end up being like a father to some other lead characters. The 4th season ended with a real cliffhanger, so I’m looking forward to what happens next.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

Ted Lasso is about a football coach who goes to England to coach a soccer team, which is called AFC Richmond. He doesn’t seem to know a huge amount about England or their football, but he seems to be a good coach. The players are not the main characters, but pretty amusing still. The owner of the team is a woman whose ex-husband purchased the team. Turns out, she was trying to make them lose by hiring Ted Lasso. However, I think she later started rooting for him, which is easy for the audience since he’s likable.

Other shows

I also recommend Sweet Tooth on Netflix, Upload on Amazon, the new Suicide Squad movie on HBO Max, and an older anime called Usagi Drop. There’s probably a lot of anime I’ve watched recently, but aside from Heaven’s Design Team and Dragon goes HouseHunting, I don’t usually remember their names. There’s one about an aquarium I like too.

In other news, I’m getting excited for the new MacBook Pros with the M1X chips, but I have to wait another month or two for them to be announced and released. They’re supposed to also have more ports and no Touch Bar, which many people consider a useless gimmick. It sounds like most Mac aficionados are waiting for the upgrade, so I’m not alone.

I haven’t upgraded laptops since my mid-2015 MacBook Pro, so I have no idea how bad the touch bar is. It’s hard to believe a 6 year old laptop could still work so well, my only complaint about it is the fan being a little loud at times. I’m fine with the speed and computing power, though I haven’t really done anything processor intensive. An upgrade is just so tempting…

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