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Communication from Brands to Fans: Influencer Marketing in 2020

It’s tough to say who are the biggest influencers this year thanks to COVID-19. The most important voices these days are doctors and researchers rather than politicians due to the global pandemic, which is not historically precedented in most of our lifetimes. There are many pandemics and plagues in the past, but who ever learned from studying history?

Intellifluence gives anyone the chance to be an influencer on any number of subjects, including music. Music influencers are usually artists, producers, journalists, radio hosts, TV personalities, publicists, concert promoters, and marketers. Street team and guerrilla marketing are ways for people to get involved without the connections and experience.

The role of influencer marketing

As social media has become a huge part of our daily lives, how we stay informed and even socialize. The role of influencers is crucial to marketing. Brands are looking to influencers to integrate brand activism and communicate their brand values to make a difference as influencers tend to be experts in their niche and credible to their fan base.

Influencer marketing isn’t for everyone, but it has taken on a greater role thanks to the growth of Social Media and need for more inclusive, social responsible marketing campaigns as noted by Talking Influence’s article on Purpose Driven Marketing.

Following these best marketing practices will help you successfully integrate influencers in your purpose-driven marketing:

  • Credibility
  • Relatability
  • Authenticity
  • Engagement

It seems to appeal more to the younger generations since it not only gives them a voice, but also a chance to also be paid for being the face of a brand. Brands are no longer faceless corporate entities, if they want to be noticed – they need a cool mascot or a spokesperson. And why can’t that be you?

That’s part of the appeal of being an influencer, supporting a brand you love to an audience that listens to you, and possibly making some money. Unlike Community’s hilarious take on humanizing Corporate entities as college students, Influencer Marketing is more the college students marketing Subway.

Community’s addition to Netflix has actually been one of my main influences this year. It’s educational in a cleverly hilarious way, and actually a lot more fun than most Community Colleges.

Thanks to the Community wiki on for the featured image!

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