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TRACK: Lola de Hanna “Falling (where’s the ground)?”

Awhile back, I reviewed an album by Himmel called “A Long Cold Winter”, featuring Lola de Hanna’s vocals.

Here’s a little bio from her from BandCamp:

Born in Greece, Lola came to NY to study psychology and followed the dream of writing, recording and performing music.
After 5 years of cowriting and performing with other musicians and producers she released a sample of her own work, The Other Side, in the form of an EP.

Well, I’m all for supporting artists I’m familiar with and was happy to hear from her after she contacted me directly:

Hi Liane,
I hope you are well during these challenging times!
I’m reaching out because you reviewed an album by the band Himmel, for which I had sung on a song.

This week, my most recent song “Falling (where’s the ground?)” came out on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify

Next week, on May 6th, I will release the animated lyric video for the track on youtube.

“Falling (where’s the ground)?” is a driving, energetic, and dreamy song about looking for connectedness during the Covid-19 era of uncertainty and isolation. The song was written and recorded in my home studio in New York and produced by Yuri Zwadiuk. I was excited to play ukulele on it (though you can barely hear it’s ukulele with the distortion!)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂

Definitely more upbeat than how I’m feeling these days, which is actually a good thing.  Social isolation is nothing new to me,  but my job “ended” and the Unemployment Office made it clear that I wouldn’t qualify despite receiving a letter that said I would. On top of that my cat’s health has cost a lot, though her lost vision and trouble walking are even worse. I’ve had a sinking feeling in my gut for awhile that makes even eating difficult. But the songs pretty nice… definitely a mood lifter.

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