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Somasu “8 years a” EP shines a light on isolation

Somasu "8 years a" EP shines a light on isolation 1I get a lot of emails everyday, not all music related though Somasu eventually stood out to me because of the artist’s honesty about both his mental health issues and the subjects of his songs. Both of which I personally relate to and many of us might even more thanks to Social Distancing guidelines.

Actually, I’d gotten a few emails from Somasu since November 2017 about previous songs and EPs, which slipped through the cracks. Here’s a more recent copy of the artist’s bio (in his own words):

My name is Somasu and I am a singer, songwriter and producer from the UK (currently residing in Oxford). I have a new EP comprising of 4 – currently unreleased – songs that I would really appreciate if you could listen to and, maybe, even review (or post about it) if you really like it and see fit to (once it’s finally released – it should be released in June or July). This will be my first proper project in 2.5 years; in the past 2.5 years I’ve been experimenting with different genres and production styles – trying to find the sound that truly radiates my spirit. The EP is currently being mixed and mastered.

The EP will be called “8 years a” and it is a four song summary of my (8) years suffering from clinical depression and anxiety. The EP also tackles topics such as isolation, uncertainty, spirituality and hope. My major influences are Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead.

I feel slightly guilty about not noticing Somasu’s past creative releases, so here’s a start in trying to support at least one artist who uses their music/art as personal therapy. It’s a hugely important part of dealing with issues that often gets ignored in our normally busy lives.

In addition to this new 4 track EP, he’s also recently released a full length self-titled album. Though this is a good introduction to a talented and unique singer, songwriter, producer! Stylistically, it is less hip-hop and more trip hop (if that still exists) and is ideal for relaxing at home in the dark rather than visiting a club (unless it’s a lounge bar).

Lo-fi beats and vocals tread over darkly themed lyrics, most of the EP sounds almost like a fever dream.  The last track “Heal Afternoon” is a standout on the EP – blending the downbeat bedroom sounds with various synths blending with pianos. I’d say the Radiohead influence is most noticeable throughout this release.

Since BandCamp is waiving their share of sales on Friday to support the NAACP, I suggest you use this platform to listen to and support Somasu.

Somasu on other Streaming platforms


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