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Album Review: Himmel “A Long Cold Winter”

Front cover photo by Gabriela (madswisscow on Flickr)
Cover photo by Gabriela (madswisscow on Flickr)

Debut album by Himmel “A Long Cold Winter” (Long Gone Days Records) is an impressive collection of dreamy sounding instrumentals and collaborations with different vocalists. The first single “Reverie” features operatic vocals of Aurora Sebastiani, which lifts the track to majestic heights over rolling layers of guitar and synths. “Promises” is a downbeat track with a dynamic prog rock feel featuring R&B sounding vocals by Mak Others. “Give Me Life” is a more layered track  featuring Lola de Hanna’s vocals. The instrumental “Magneto” features a prominent synth in place of vocals, which builds to a nearly danceable beat.

Millie Gaum’s vocals on “The Dark” are very distinctive and the song and lyrics are pretty memorable. “Shatter” features Luca Bluefire’s vocals on a slower track with a wide range of beats and layers of instrumentation. Bouncy synths open the track “Blackest Hearts,” which features spoken word by Jason Bradley. It’s the longest track with the most varied in sounds and dynamic contrasts. The louder drums and layered vocals end in a clash of drums and guitars. Closing instrumental “Snow Glitters” is a short minimalist track which leaves you with a slightly melancholic feeling.

Listen if you like: Ulrich Schnuass, A Shoreline Dream, VAST, or Porcupine Tree.

More info on Himmel as well as the video for the single “Reverie” below:


Himmel is the word for “sky” in many scandinavian and northern european languages.

Himmel is a project by Luca Bluefire.

The particularity of this project is that it features different vocalists on every track. All the instrumental parts were written by Luca and interpreted by different singers.

Luca Bluefire is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist coming form a rock/metal background. He released records and toured Europe with the bands Black Rainbows and A Blue Fire.

This project is definitely different and was inspired by the recent work of band such as Beach House, M83, DIIV, I Break Horses and others.

Reverie is the first single and you can watch the video HERE or by clicking on the underlying window. It features Aurora Sebastiani on vocals and Simone Lombardo on drums.

New album ‘A Long Cold Winter’ out 15/02/15 on LGD Records
STREAM & BUY: (from 15/02/15)

HIMMEL – Reverie
Written by Aurora Sebastiani and Luca Giancotti (aka Bluefire)
Drums performed by Simone Raoul Lombardo


Directed and edited by ANDREA LABATE:

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