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FreeCodeCamp Personal Portfolio

I was putting this project off for a bit because I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but looking at W3School‘s Bootstrap themes helped a lot. I initially wanted to try something similar to their Company theme, but the band theme was of course cooler. I liked it so much, that I used the menu styles on my actual Portfolio site – which hasn’t been updated in years until I changed themes recently.

So the FreeCodeCamp project isn’t too exciting, but I figured out how to get the menus working on mobile – which had me up late for days. Though I think I was focused on other things too. The W3School’s Bootstrap themes were from Bootstrap 3, though my portfolio project is for Bootstrap 4. I didn’t realize there were some incompatibilities there, but figuring things out was kind of fun. The mobile version is viewable in this CodePen embed!

See the Pen Personal Portfolio by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

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