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Portfolio update with Hestia theme by ThemeIsle

I recently re-activated my portfolio website in response to a possible interview with a part time position I applied to (which would be perfect with my current situation at my job now). I actually applied to a few and was contacted by a few recruiters through Dice. Nothing really panned out with the recruiters, but that’s okay. Unfortunately, my portfolio URL domain got bought by someone else so I ended up getting a slightly new one though NameCheap: http://lccrafted.sitePortfolio update with Hestia theme by ThemeIsle 1

It goes to a subdomain on my other website, but at least, I can use that. The portfolio looks pretty good in the new theme and has some cool rollover effects that my previous theme Parallax One didn’t. I just thought Parallax designs were all the rage. As it turns out, the hot thing in portfolios is one page to scroll to all the info on the page as demonstrated by the FreeCodeCamp Portfolio project. I accidentally forked the sample portfolio on CodePen and realized I really needed to brush up my JavaScript if I wanted to complete the project even if I kept it simple.

The funny thing is that the Hestia theme by ThemeIsle pretty much does exactly what the portfolio project requires. I got it because the makers of ParallaxOne said they no longer support the theme, and suggested I get Hestia – so I did!  It’s a great theme and based on the demo, maybe even worth going pro for.  Speaking of going pro, I also secured a domain that I thought was pretty clever: which routes to my outdated BRMC site, but if I ever pick it up again, I might try the Hestia theme on there too! Actually, I don’t know – I did go pro on the Magazine theme, but most of the time the slider doesn’t work!

Portfolio update with Hestia theme by ThemeIsle 2

In other news, I submitted three album reviews to the site Backseat Mafia! Thievery Corporation ‘Treasures from the Temple’, Gang of Four’s Complicit EP and The Damned ‘Evil Spirits.’ Accidentally published the Gang of Four before the editor could, but I guess it’s not such a huge deal.

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