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Porgress not Perfection

porgress not perfection
porgress not perfection

Happy New Year! I’m in very bored chillout mode, so I decided to write a blog post that’s not totally about porgs (even if I’m using a Porg image I found on Twitter). Though we are busier than ever at work, I’ll be getting a reduction in hours starting as soon as this week. I could probably handle it, though having an extra day off is just asking for trouble. It has helped with health insurance, but aside from that, I’m not sure working less is a good thing.

My work life balance is not too great right now, but it’s due to my own laziness more than the actual work schedule I have. Working 4 days and having 3 off is actually ideal, though it doesn’t always feel like that. I’m actually kind of looking forward to seeing if working 3 days and having 4 off will make me responsible in my personal life. Jury is out on that as I am realizing how tough it is to maintain a clean room when I feel tired from work. I’m even sleeping more and it’s not making me more full of energy.

Not sure if I’m depressed or anxious or what, just feeling kind of blah these days. Any change might help me, but I don’t know what.

UPDATE: This was written on January 4th originally, and not much has really changed since then except the new schedule. Laziness might be some depression, but I don’t know. I think I’m just trying to improve my life, but not drastically where I quit my job and pursue some insane dream that isn’t really mine.

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