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Easter update

For webmasters and web sys admin people, did you know you could get free SSL certificates for your websites? I used ZeroSSL, which I found through Let’s Encrypt – the lead developer at work mentioned it to us awhile back and I actually used it for a couple of my sites! Just something not to worry about for another year, I hope.

Currently, my main worry is boredom and reduced hours, though there’s also someone in my life who I want to make a more permanent part of it. Distance and time is working against us, but maybe things will work out eventually.

I’m honestly not as addicted to porgs as I have been in months, but I thought this picture by Addicted to Porgs and Star Wars on Twitter was cute:

Right now, my hours are down to 19 a week at work, so I have 2 full days off every week and I’m almost thinking I need another job to keep me busy. I’m even getting to the point where I might want a full time job, but that’s a pipe dream! At least, at my current company. A possible remote opportunity came up in my email the other day, but I think those usually prefer in person also (Burbank). I’m actually very averse to changing jobs right now, but adding another part time one might work.

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