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JQuery Mobile

If it weren’t so easy to re-create my portfolio with JQuery Mobile (which is up to version 1.0 final – though I used an alpha version), I seriously would want to make a cool design like one of those featured on Superdit.com. I probably should fancify the mobile version a bit, but for now, it works and looks kind of nice. There’s now a re-direct on the main site for mobile browsers and here’s a direct link again:


I’m making changes here and there while I write this post, and may eventually do a fancy re-design if I end up inspired enough to do so. Another cool thing I want to do is brush up on my JavaScript programming skills through CodeAcademy, which is a pretty cool way to learn or review stuff like that. The fancy JQuery Mobile look is even slicker than my own design – so I may even want to re-design my portfolio again to match the mobile site.

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