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Portfolio re-design!

The last time I re-designed my portfolio website was near the end of 2010, so it’s been over a year since I changed it. That design got me a few development positions that were pretty nice, but the design jobs were non-existent. I recently quit a position that was advertised as a design position (for multiple reasons, the least of which was that it wasn’t a design position). This in part prompted me to do a complete site re-design to my portfolio. Despite the fact that most of my work on the site is not new, I wanted it to reflect that I’m not totally inactive in designing.

Incorporating multiple JQuery plugins for Sliders and Galleries was a slight challenge, but fortunately there were no conflicts between things like rollovers and sliders. I’m happy with how it turned out so far, though I still may be making minor graphical changes here and there. I threw together some of the graphics on the slider pretty quickly and I will most likely tweak those as I figure out better ways to present them. The web graphic turned out better than the others, so I will focus on the other images until I’m happy with them. As much as I would like to work and gain more experience, I would like to emphasize that I have both design and development skills – and I hope my next position makes use of both.

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