More Sanrio crochet friends: Gudetama, Shakipiyo, and My Melody!

I was very busy last weekend and made 3 new Sanrio crochet amigurumi: Gudetama on Thursday-Friday, Shakipiyo on Saturday-Sunday, and My Melody on Sunday-Monday!

I used several different sources for patterns this time: Amigurumipianosound’s Gudetama crochet pattern, Shakipiyo is a modified version of this crochet kit (mentioned in my Inexpensive Crochet Kit post): kdafio Crochet Kit for Beginners, Crochet AnimalKit Crochet Starter Kit (Yellow Rabbit Eggs). My Melody is another pattern by Amigurumei from Mei Li Lee’s Hello Kitty Crochet book. I really want to get a physical copy of it!

I decided to make My Melody because I was enjoying the first episode of Onegai My Melody and some clips of her being thrown out a window. I’m not completely done with Shakipiyo since I want to give him legs, but haven’t gotten around to making them yet, I was just going to use floral wire with some orange yarn wrapped around it. I’m actually thinking of redoing Shakipiyo’s shell so it’s a little higher up, though not as high as the chick in the picture.

Hangydon and possibly Tuxedo Sam are my next Sanrio characters to crochet because I have a lot of light blue yarn. I have a lot of purple yarn too, so I might make a really big purple dragon. I have Stitch & Story Hello Kitty and Pusheen crochet kits too, but I’m not as motivated to work on them for some reason. I also have some Pokemon I want to make, starting with Snorlax and Chansey – though I might need more yarn! I also want to make a Stubby Squid and a Maneki Neko.

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