Sanrio Crochet Gang: Kuromi, Deery Lou, and Cinnamoroll

The gang is growing faster than I can photograph and blog about them! I completed Kuromi, Deery Lou, and Cinnamoroll last week and the previous week. Deery Lou and Cinnamoroll are both patterns by Amigurumei, or Mei Li Lee who wrote the book Hello Kitty Crochet (which I only have digitally). Kuromi was a video tutorial by Rika Crochet, which I found on YouTube/Instagram though I added a tail from the Hello Kitty Crochet book. I also embroidered her face and used yarn for the pink balls since I didn’t have felt at the time I finished her. Though my versions of these amigurumi aren’t exactly like the examples, I’m happy with how they look like the characters. Deery Lou only looks good from one side, but it’s fine. Cinnamoroll’s mouth is a little crooked and I think Kuromi still needs work on the skull and pink balls. I will probably refine those before posting more photos.

This past weekend, I completed Gudetama, Shakipiyo, and My Melody. More on those later! I am currently working on Hangydon and possibly TuxedoSam, and I’ve had a Stitch & Story Hello Kitty x Pusheen head keychain that’s been in progress awhile. I’m not happy with the shape of it right now, so I might redo it. In the past, I haven’t been this fast at completing crochet projects, nor have I had so many I wanted to create. It’s pretty satisfying to see my version of a Sanrio character that is one of a kind. I haven’t made my own patterns yet, but it’s still fun using other people’s patterns.

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