Hello Kitty x Forever 21 Blue Angel Collection

Initially, I didn’t think I would want much of the new Hello Kitty collection at Forever 21. Not because I don’t like blue, actually it’s probably my favorite color. I just assumed it was too white and fluffy for my taste. Boy was I wrong, I love the white fluffiness of most of the items I tried and was having severe FOMO about the stuff that sold out which I initially wanted like the pajama shirt dress and the white pajamas with Little Twin Stars, who I can’t resist for some reason. I usually think they are too pastel, but I still picked up their Wet n Wild Makeup palette last year.

All I bought from the original drop was the accessories, a few of which I’ve already sold for a good profit. However, since then I’ve spent so much more on the rest of the collection including sweaters, bathrobe, pajamas, and even the highly coveted moonboots. I had no idea how popular everything would be and the only things left are either expensive or the wrong size, though I think some regular-sized stuff runs small and some are huge.

My problem has been not being able to get to a store unless by bus, which I did, and ended up buying the blue furry coat, which I was so excited to see. I’d be excited to see any of it in the stores now since so much has sold out, but there are too many things preventing trips to them. I had my sister check a couple of stores for me and she said they didn’t have much, which might be a good thing. I guess now I know better than to ignore stuff I wanted since now I’ve already bought so much.

I still want that pajama shirt dress, and kind of want the fur-lined cami. I really hate FOMO, but I guess it was inevitable given how popular everything is!

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