Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima Review

So much has happened since my last post: in August – found out my contract with Nasdaq was ending (big bummer), visited Southern California and Lake Arrowhead (kind of fun), and in September found out I was being gifted a Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima machine to review for Influenster (happy surprise)! And today, I was offered a new contract position with my dream company (total shocker)… more on that as it happens!

Anyways, the Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima is a really awesome machine that makes delicious coffees, cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and cortados at the push of a button! Before this, I had no idea such technology existed. It even seems to make Keurig machines seem like outdated environmental hazards. To be honest, I’ve wanted to be a Keurig user before – initially the cost and then the environmental reasons prevented me from becoming one.

Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima from the top view
Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima from the top view

All it took for me and my family to be hooked on Nespresso was trying the machine for a week and now we’ve already made a couple big orders of more Vertuo pods. Nespresso had a one day sale where they offered a couple sleeves free with the purchase of 8 sleeves (each sleeve contains 10 pods). Shortly after, Woot! had a sale for a bunch of different varieties of pods – deals too good to resist! The great thing about Nespresso Vertuo Pods is that they are made from aluminum and recyclable, which makes me feel better about using it.

Nespresso is clearly more in the coffee business than the machine business and the price per pod can be a bit steep, especially for seasonal, limited edition flavors and collaborations. They have a new collaboration with Blue Bottle Cafe which is a whopping $2/pod, or $20 for a sleeve of 10. That may be cheaper than going to Blue Bottle Cafe, but I guess it depends on how coffee addicted you are. I’m used to drinking instant and powdered coffee on weekday mornings usually, so I wouldn’t normally spend a lot on coffee until now.

The pods are beautiful and recyclable, just pricey because they are under exclusive patents which limits the production of the Vertuo pods to just Nespresso and Starbucks making them. Whereas Keurig is everywhere and a lot cheaper, but the plastic is definitely bad for the environment and of course, would end up in landfills forever. Nespresso’s recycling program for Vertuo pods is a welcome change for a company like Nestle, which has not been known for being so environmentally friendly. Just like my Tokidoki obsession, I’m learning a lot of Italian words in reference to coffee!

Nespresso Vertuo Pods
Nice variety of pods to sample
Delicious cappuccinos and lattes at the push of a button! 499


I was so excited to test this product as I love coffee and prefer making it at home. This machine allows me to get the cafe experience without leaving my house! Setup was fairly easy, the instructions are simple and the video tutorials are well made. There are a lot of safety instructions, but aside from that, it was simple enough. The machine comes with a set of 12 samples, which is great since buying pods is a new experience for me. So far I’ve just tried the Altissio and Altissio decaffeinated, both of which were fast and easy to make in addition to being delicious! I recommend this machine for coffee lovers and cappuccino fans. The latte macchiattos and cortados are also excellent. The built in milk carafe is kind of a space saver since you don’t need a separate one. Nespresso has really released a great machine to produce their delicious drinks! I look forward to trying more flavors!

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