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Work and Life update

These days have been mostly filled with work, obsessing over hair color products, buying cute cheap clothes, and a show once in a awhile… I’ve been working for Nasdaq, a company I’d never dreamed of working for, but very happy that I am. I’ve been working with Drupal, which has its plusses and minuses. If I had tons of media files, like Nasdaq does, I think it’d be great. It’s less good in terms of archiving old pages without breaking them. I noticed a page I made in live on the site:

It’s pretty cool seeing my work in such a high traffic (?) site. I know those specific pages aren’t as popular as other areas, but they’re very important to my team and everything we work on. Occasionally getting up early for meetings has been the toughest part of my job, but the CMS also requires some patience. While the new templates look great, they can be a little pokey. It’s often the case with upgrading designs…

But enough about work, probably not the best thing to do while working at a place like Nasdaq is to dye my hair neon blue. I had some Argan Oil One n Only Perfect Intensity Semi-Permanent color from Sally Beauty, purchased awhile ago. After a couple bleaching sessions, I decided to just try going blue and boy, do I love it! Blue has been my favorite color for awhile now, it was pink when I was younger. My mom also gave me haircut, which I needed for awhile.

Yes, I’m pretty obsessed with hair right now, which is fun for me. I found some amazing clearance sales on Sally Beauty’s website, which is apparently my new favorite store. I’ve also started shopping on Shein, which is more dangerous than I thought it would be. I thought I was over fast fashion, but I can’t resist the prices and the quality is not bad too. I had enough clothes in Buena Park, but not here! Not that I need a new wardrobe.

I haven’t been out much with my cool new hair, but I have some shows lined up: Tamaryn at the Chapel on Friday (I won tickets from Do The Bay!) and The London Suede and Manic Street Preachers at the Warfield on Monday! A huge bucket list show for me, since at least 1998 when I was obsessing over British bands. That was the show I wanted to win tickets to, but fortunately, a friend offered me an extra ticket! I guess I have mostly been going to free shows or ones I’ve won tickets to.

My last show was Beach Fossils and Dummy at the Chapel, which I won from Amoeba San Francisco. And before that, I went to the free acoustic Metric in-store at Amoeba San Francisco. My only complaint about those shows are being short and not standing near the front because of my brother. I missed seeing a few shows I wanted to go to, but not enough to actually go and buy tickets. I’m also mindful that my brother doesn’t always enjoy going and often has foot issues. It’s also hard to leave my adorable cat Peanut home alone.

Anyways, that’s basically my life in a nutshell these days… I also occasionally sell on Ebay, Mercari, and Poshmark. Not enough to really motivate me to sell more, but I’m trying. Oh, and I watch a lot of anime and shows with my brother, we watched mostly horror movies last month, so I’m currently more familiar with those types of movies right now. I recently watched a series called The Terror, which was basically a survival story after two ships got stuck in ice and the crew basically starved, froze, or were killed by a spirit creature, which looked like a humanoid polar bear.

That’s all for now, I may do a more in-depth hair or concert post depending on how photogenic I’m feeling or how close I am at the shows!


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