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How to Style Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Like fashion women

December is just around the corner, and it will soon be time to dig out those festive sweaters! Christmas jumpers may be cheerful, but they aren’t the most fashionable pieces. They are oversized and bright, which makes them difficult to pair with other pieces.

But don’t worry, there are actually plenty of ways to make your festive jumpers look stylish this Christmas.

In this article, we will provide you with five affordable ways to style your Christmas sweater, so you can feel chic this winter!

Pair with Tight, Dark Trousers

Wearing tight trousers such as jeans or leggings will give a great contrast to the bagginess of the Christmas jumper. It is a simple combination but it always looks stylish.

Also, you should make sure that the trousers are dark in colour. If they are too light, then the whole outfit can look too busy. On the other hand, dark trousers bring out festive colours in a beautiful way.

Pair with Black Tights, Skirt, and Boots

This is another classic look, and you probably already own tights, a skirt, and boots, in black. An all-black bottom half goes well with any top, and a Christmas sweater is no exception.

Make sure that the skirt is fairly tight-fitting and short, as a longer, looser skirt won’t pair well with a big jumper.

The tights, skirt, and boots should all be black and not any other colour. If it is any other colour it won’t look as coordinated.

Black Leather Trousers and Coloured Heels

It can be difficult to make women’s sweaters sexy, but wearing tight black leather trousers will do the trick. The darkness of the trousers will give the whole outfit a more mature, sensual vibe. Pair this with some high heels and you’ll be the most sophisticated sweater-wearer in the room!

You should match colour of the high heels to the main colour of the Christmas sweater. For example, if you have a red sweater, the heels should be a similar shade of red. This will make both the jumper and the heels pop and shine!

Sheer Skin-Coloured Tights and Dr. Marten Boots

This option will only work if you have an extra large jumper, that hangs on the body like a dress. Underneath the jumper, you can wear sheer, flesh-coloured tights for a relaxed, edgy look.

The tights will look great with calf-high dark Dr. Marten boots. The boots are wintery and will elongate the legs in a flattering way.

Button Down Shirt and Smart Trousers

One easy way to dress up a festive jumper is to wear a button-down, collared shirt underneath. White would be the best colour for the shirt, as the white collar will pair with the bright top nicely.

As for the bottom half, you can pick any smart-style trousers that you know pair well with your collared shirt. They should be dark, so anything black, indigo, or brown would pair beautifully.

Just as with the other outfits, ensure that the trousers are tight-fitting, as this will be a flattering contrast to your big sweater.

For your feet, some dark ballet pumps would be perfect!

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed discovering some new ways to style your old Christmas sweaters, so you can look festive, yet sophisticated this holiday season.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article today!

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