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The Warlocks record release party

The Warlocks played with a bunch of bands in support of their latest album Skull Worship, and I didn’t manage to see all of them though the ones I did see sounded good. The Bootleg Bar has a lot of tables and places to sit so we spent most of the time there, moving to the theater area for Von Haze and The Warlocks. It was funny how everyone was sitting or standing really far away during Von Haze, though they did eventually move up and watch at a closer distance. This was my second time seeing them open for another band, and I think they’re pretty good. I’m starting to appreciate their  spaced out, drone-y sound.

I remember kind of enjoying Drinking Flowers music and sort of thinking their singer reminded me of Will Sergeant. I also enjoyed what I heard enough to get their EP Sanity Restored 1972 through eMusic. Raw Geronimo were okay, but the singer was sort of sounding a bit too Gwen Stefani for my taste. We were too busy enjoying our drinks to catch Tashaki Miyaki and left before Cat Museum started, so I hope I might catch both of them at other shows later. The Warlocks played a great set, mixing their heavier psych rock sounds with more upbeat songs.

During their set, Bobby mentioned they were playing Harvard & Stone the following Thursday and we ended up attending that one too.  We weren’t on the right side of the venue, which is where the stage was so we had a better view of the bar than the stage. It seemed like there was a birthday party going on, though I’m not sure if it was related to the show. Anyways, it’s not a bad place for a free show, unless you were on the wrong side of the bar. My pictures were kind of crappy, but I took some and you can see here:

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