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Great Gifts for the Man who has Everything

Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for and some men just seem to have everything, everything that they want anyhow. There are only so many bottles of aftershave and pairs of socks you can buy before you begin to get just too predictable.

So how do you find the inspiration for an interesting gift for the man in your life that really does have everything? The trick is to think about his hobbies and interests – and if he doesn’t have any find him some.


I don’t like to generalize but most men like sports, cars and sex – often in that order. You can use your imagination for the last one, this is not that type of article, but I can probably help you out with the other two.

Sports gifts for men
If your man is a particularly avid fan of some soccer team, baseball team, hockey team or football team then you’re home dry. These sports teams never miss a marketing opportunity and bring out new designs on old themes season in and season out. Even if some of the items are a little bit pricier than you would normally spend you could always find a tie, a tie pin or even a pen blazoned with his favorite team.

Some men not only like to watch and support sports, they also like to take part in them. This opens up a whole new world whatever sports or hobbies your man is interested in. How about picking out a nice new bowling bag or pair of bowling shoes for men if that’s his passion and if it isn’t his passion just take him bowling for a birthday treat and it soon will be. There are some terrific gifts available at Bowlers Paradise.


There are plenty of gifts to choose for avid golfers too – there’s a lot more to golf than a pair of clubs you know. I know one particular golfer in need of a constant supply of new golf balls and tees – he seems to misplace them on a regular basis, one at a time. Other golfing inspired gifts include sweaters, umbrellas, towels, and caps – even those cute little hats for the golf clubs.

There are loads of gifts available for men with a passion for cars too – in fact some men combine the two and have a passion for racing cars. Baseball caps, team strips, driving days at a nearby sports track . . . all are available for the man who has everything.

How about a once in a lifetime experience? Many of the more unusual birthday gifts these days include a ride in a hot air balloon or something similar. Although spa weekends are more generally thought of as a ladies type treat there’s no reason why the man in your life wouldn’t enjoy being pampered for a weekend – massaging away the stresses and strains of the working week.


Check online for some of the more unusual and unique gift ideas for the man in your life – there are hundreds to choose from. How about some astronaut ice-cream or a user’s guide to the air guitar – just a couple of crazy examples of the type of gifts available these days. There are even kits for the man in your life to “grow his own sports car” – if he hasn’t got the real thing.

The truth is that no man has ever got everything so you just have to use a little creative imagination and come up with something he would never think of himself.

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