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Fangirl for hire

With my recent Metrolink/LA Superior Court dealings, the thought of going back to my current job makes me seriously ill. Therefore, I have decided to part ways with LA County for now and focus on the important things in life. I am currently suspended from driving and am resigned to working from home.

Since I am technically unqualified to do much professional web stuff from home, I am opening up my work options to being a professional fangirl (or possibly Social Media person). I do a lot of that stuff for free and it really just gets me in trouble at real jobs that I’ve attempted to hold on to.

Anyways, I know the economy is rough and jobs don’t just appear out of nowhere, but I like a lot of stuff and can fangirl with the best of them. Music is obviously a core part of my life and to list out every band I like would be exhaustive and pointless unless you like reading lists.

You can tell what I’m into by looking through my blog posts and even reading things I’ve written on other sites. Writing is not necessarily my favorite thing to do, so I am now going to just say – can I be your fan for hire? if so, email me at (my other email inbox is way too packed).

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