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The Black Angels & The Black Ryder @ The Observatory

It was great to catch the Black Angels at my new favorite Orange County venue. I haven’t seen them since 2008, and got behind on a couple of their albums: 2010’s Phosphene Dream and this year’s Indigo Meadow (which I finally picked up at the show). They are always a great band to see live as they have a lot of well-written songs and a really hypnotic sound that puts you in kind of a trance during the show. I just posted my photos on Flickr, since I was pretty far away – they give you a good idea of how big the audience was!

YouTube is preventing me from accessing my usual account (trying to force me to post videos to Google+ for some reason), so I posted all my videos on Facebook. (I may try posting on there later since I watched the Black Angels do a Google Hangout.)  Anyways, I recorded “Indigo Meadow,” “First Vietnamese War,” “Black Grease,” “The Sniper,” and “Young Men Dead.” I guess you can tell I kind of favor the first album, but that’s mostly because it’s the most familiar one.

Indigo Meadow

First Vietnamese War

Black Grease

The Sniper

Young Men Dead

I also got a nearly 12 minute long video of opening band The Black Ryder’s song “Let It Go.” Since they are in LA, I’ve managed to see them a lot more opening for other bands I see – even so, I love their album “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride” – which I’ve listened to a lot since I got it a couple years ago. Here’s a link to my Flickr photo set and the video:

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