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Free WordPress Themes!

Something that makes WordPress very popular among websites and businesses is the abundance of free themes. That’s one of the main reasons I started and continue to use it. I was pretty happy with Mystique Extend, but I couldn’t get the sliding header to work on it too well. I found many posts on Hong Kiat’s blog about free WordPress themes and this one about 30 Free Professional WordPress Themes made me want to try them all out, which I practically did (though it was more like 10-15 that I tried out). I’ve chosen to go with UpStream for now, which sort of reminds me of my previous theme Breaking News – though I haven’t added any ads to this one and I’m not sure if I will. What initially drew me to find the themes was an article on 40+ Responsive WordPress themes, though none of those seemed to look good to me with this blog.

It would be nice to find a responsive theme, but for now I can just re-enable my WPTouch plugin…

UpStream [ Preview – Download ]

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