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Anime Expo 2012

Another year, another Anime Expo… it was pretty cool, I went to some interesting panels: Gametrailer’s Pop Fiction, Steve Blum, Danny Choo, 21 Voice Actors, and Camilla D’Errico’s live painting panel. I went to some less interesting ones also, but for the most part, I was informed and entertained.

I watched a few anime series I hadn’t seen (toradora, Cat Planet Cuties), some other ones I’d seen a bit before (k-On,The Big O, Last Exile), and some older ones I’d never seen during the LaserDisc Marathon (Dragon Hunter Etain, Dominion Tank Police, a Studio Ghibli music video, etc.)  A couple weren’t even subtitled, but still pretty amusing.

On Sunday (Day 3), we unexpectedly became chaperones to a couple teenage girls, which was also kind of interesting. They actually watched the LaserDisc marathon as well, and it was funny to hear them say “What’s a VHS?” and the like. Watching their enthusiasm at people’s cosplay and continual need to take pictures with and hug any cosplay they liked was also amusing.

I was less frequently taking pictures this year, partly because I was using a camera that is not up to my usual standards (Panasonic Lumix series are usually my thing). Here are links to my collection of photos to this year’s AX:

AX 2012 Day 1
AX 2012
Day 1
9 photos
AX 2012 Day 2
AX 2012
Day 2
24 photos
21 Voice Actor Panel
21 Voice Actor
6 photos
Camilla D'Errico Live Painting
Camilla d’Errico
Live Painting
19 photos
AX 2012 Day 4
AX 2012
Day 4
5 photos

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