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Happy Pranksgiving!

Today is that special day where you can’t believe anything most companies (or people) are telling you. One reason is that it’s Sunday (most companies won’t officially have press releases on weekends) and the main reason is that it’s April Fool’s Day. I’ve seen a lot of unusual and exciting product announcements in my email and posted on YouTube. I did get a formal job offer on Friday, but I won’t mention it today since you may think I’m joking anyways.

Tonight, I had my first limo ride experience. It was a Hummer limo that my friend had rented for her birthday. It was much more fun on the way there since no one was passed out, covered in vomit, or totally smashed. It was a fun night over all, despite the unfortunate accidents. I feel my friend is lucky to have a tight group that gets together after years of knowing each other.

Back to the whole April Fool’s Day thing, I’ve never been big on pranks and making stuff up in the first place. I’m not against those who enjoy celebrating it, but I personally don’t care to participate. Not that it isn’t funny when other people do it, I’m just not one for trying to trick people. I’m generally honest about my feelings and those who know me can tell if I’m not.

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