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Shows about buying old, weird stuff

I’ve just started watching Oddities on the Science Channel (also on Discovery Channel). This type of show is really interesting, not only because of the buying and selling aspect – but also because of the unusual clientele that frequent, visit, and work at the shop (Obscura in New York). I’ve watched American Pickers and Pawn Stars, which are interesting in their own right. The thing about Oddities that is unique is that though they are a business, they seem surprisingly easy to bargain with. I’ve seen a lot of bargaining on Pawn Stars especially, but there’s only a little bit on Oddities.

Cajun Pawn Stars has some unusual regulars on it as well, but it seems like Oddities usual clients are unusual and they rarely get anyone who could pass for normal in their shop. That is definitely part of the charm of this show, to see all the interesting characters with their strange, old and unique finds. There’s a lot of weird old stuff on American Pickers, but it’s mostly collectors who are in their older years.

Taxidermy is a pretty popular thing on Oddities, though American Pickers did have a bit with Jack White buying an elephant head in exchange for an old photo booth that was used in a music video. Pawn Stars is pretty funny because they’ve got 3 generations buying and selling stuff at their pawn shop, each with their own quirks and ways of dealing with each other and the customers. Anyways, I think these types of shows are my favorite “reality shows.”

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