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The Meme that won't die

It may eventually, but until then – here’s one that I slightly identify with. Considering most of my web related jobs have been more on the development side, I think this is the most accurate. I’ve seen so many of these the past few days on Facebook that I kind of do hope it ends soon. The LolCatz trend never ended, so maybe this is here to stay? I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Today, I finally found a use for my Student Advantage card: 15% off Choice Hotels. So I booked 4 nights at the Rodeway Inn for this year’s Anime Expo for under $40/night! That’s before taxes – though I saw Kayak’s hotel booking system add like $100 tax on rooms that were only twice as much a night. I’m not sure how that works.  On the job front, no responses lately to the last few jobs I’ve applied to. I’m meeting with someone at an agency tomorrow, so hopefully that will lead to work.


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