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Happy Singles Awareness Day!

I’m used to spending most Valentine’s Days by myself, as I’ve only had a boyfriend for the past 2.5 years or so and the rest of my life has been spent single. If  I could, I’d have a house full of cats. I don’t because I live with my mom, who doesn’t even want me to have one cat.  Fortunately, I have a  lot of cat loving friends who share hilarious pictures of cats with me all the time. This picture is from a set of photos called “20 Cats as Fonts” from BuzzFeed. My talented food blogger friend Kimberly shared this page with me and this Futura one was my favorite. I like the font also.

Cats are great, but I enjoyed watching the Westminster Dog Show last night. It was interesting seeing all the different breeds of dogs and how crazy some of them look with either really long or fluffy coats. Some are more normal looking, but a lot of them are just funny with how long their hair or fluffy their fur is. I can’t imagine how a dog would feel being in a show, I think most dogs enjoy attention so it’d be great for them. I’m curious how cat shows would be too. Maybe I’ll find one on TV some day.

Valentine’s Day is not a particularly special or romantic day for me, when I was younger it was only exciting because I would get lots of candy and cards from classmates. It’s kind of because we had to give them out though. Anyways, I never really did much for it and even today, I just wore a dress and went to the mall with my boyfriend to use an H&M coupon. I did get a nice treat for checking in to the mall on Foursquare, but it’s been a pretty normal day otherwise.

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