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Here’s Hopen!

After a few days (or weeks) of wrestling with WordPress and my web host, things are back and better than ever! Well, at least they’re how I want them to be and I’m confident they will stay that way. I’m still not sure how my site got injected with spam code, but I’m not an IT security person though I do find computer forensics interesting. I should look into it just in case I need to prevent something like this from happening again. I’ve rebooted my job hunt and I’m actively looking again. I still want to get rid of stuff, but I will try to do that while looking for work.

HopenThis past weekend was kind of exciting. I decided that I should replace an old dresser and decided on the Hopen 4 drawer chest at IKEA, which is only $99 now (down from $149 last year). It’s similar to a cabinet I found at a thrift store awhile back that my mom gave away without telling me. This one is not as cheap, but at least it was well assembled by my boyfriend. We even ran into my newlywed friends who were shopping for their new home. It was a happy coincidence also because my boyfriend was worried about loading it into the car with just the two of us (though he got it on the car okay).

Anyways, the new dresser looks great and really makes the whole room nicer, though we still have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do before it’s really that nice. It’s the usual problem of having too much stuff and not enough space. I probably need to go through everything and toss a lot of trash, sort through the clothes and fold it, and sell or donate what I no longer wear or fit in. Another nice thing we got for the Hopen is a dark glass cover for the top of it, which protects the wood and makes it nice and shiny. All my LED candles, Moroccan style lamp, and mini Homedics fountain look extra nice on top of it, even with the NAS, cable modem, and router behind them.

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