Current obsessions: Derma Stamp and Niacid by Slurp Laboratories

Last year, I wrote about my interest in micro needling and derma rolling at home. Well, I’m back into it after watching an ad for an almost too good to be true product called Niacid by Slurp Laboratories:

I’m very intrigued by how good the results were from this treatment, though I feel like people get similarly good results from derma rolling and derma stamping, which is my current plan to rid myself of my embarrassing acne scars. Anyways, the ad was so effective that the company is sold out of both sizes of this product so I’m going to have to wait awhile just to try it!

DRS 140 Pin Titanium Needle Dermastamp
Looks just like my Derma stamps from Amazon!

My interest in this product has kind of steeped into other K-beauty brands that I’m seeing on Stylevana’s website, though I’ve had some products on my Amazon wishlist for awhile. However, I already have a couple adjustable needle derma stamps from Amazon and I recently got some Lidocaine creams to numb my skin from the pain I’ll be inflicting on my face every week. I’m committing myself to once a week at .50mm just so I don’t overdo it or cause too much damage to my already scarred skin.

I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos about people’s acne journeys and how they treated their scars and a lot of them claimed to use Banisher 2.0, which seems pretty great – just a lot more expensive than what I already got. I’m not trying to go too cheap, but I’m also not willing to spend hundreds or thousands on lasers, subcision, TCA cross or other professional treatments that are known to help. I’m not expecting a miracle because I don’t plan to go too deep (maybe I’ll work my way up to 1.5mm on my cheeks, though maybe just 1.0mm).

As I said in my previous Microneedling post, I had some professional derma rolling treatments back in 2014 at Royal Medical Plaza and I recall they went up to 1.5mm and also used some lasers. They did a lot of numbing with lidocaine and post-care sheet mask treatments, but I don’t think I went enough to really make much improvement. At the moment, I’ve just started to derma stamp so I have no amazing before and after photos yet.

I’m kind of kicking myself for not starting to derma stamp as soon as I got them, but I guess I was distracted. Anyways, no time like the present to start something new. I’m excited just to be doing this every week.

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