What the Machine Learning Era Means for Your Career  

Machine learning is changing the world. Face detection, voice recognition, predictive analysis, and healthcare-related anomaly detections are some prominent examples of the technology in action. Needless to say, machine learning is also making its way into the workplace. As an employee, it pays to know what that means for you and how it may impact your future career. Today, Liane’s Blog walks you through the most important highlights of the technology: 

What is Machine Learning? 

Machine learning, says Oracle, is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). It involves building computer-based systems that consume data, learn from it, and perform tasks. The “learning” part comes from the fact that these systems are capable of improving themselves to be more efficient or accurate. As you can tell, this has countless applications in a business context. We’ll explore those below.  

How Machine Learning is Transforming Work-Related Processes 

According to Learn Hub, 91.5 percent of businesses have investments in AI, and 15 percent of organizations are advanced machine learning users. Chances are your company has some machine-learning-related projects in the works already. Here are some common applications of the technology:   

1. Stronger Workplace Culture 

Machine learning can be used to measure critical employee behavioral attributes like engagement levels, motivation, and job satisfaction. This data is collected through sentiment analysis, natural language processing, facial gestures, body language, and more. The findings can then be used to make adjustments to existing engagement programs, promote teamwork, and troubleshoot problems. 

2. Assisting in Employee Learning and Training 

Companies are offering employees more personalized training programs with the assistance of machine learning. These are programs employees can do with improved learning efficiency, thanks to the algorithms being able to account for individual strengths and weaknesses.  It makes training more accessible, and employees receive more targeted feedback. 

3. More Optimized Work Processes 

Machine learning through data analysis techniques like process mapping can be used to upgrade IT business processes. Process mapping will use data to discover, validate, and improve workflows that benefit your entire business. To get started, identify potential data sources, map out a timeline, and determine key stakeholders. Just some of the benefits of process mapping include increased productivity, lower costs, increased accuracy, and improved employee satisfaction. 

4. Customer Service and Retention 

It’s easier for companies to manage and engage customers through machine learning-assisted tools like chatbots and customer-management software. Chatbots, for instance, learn continuously from customer interactions and keep providing better answers each time. Naturally, customers find their needs met sooner and smoother, which makes them happier and more loyal. Companies can also provide customized offers and services to further boost retention rates.  

5. Task Automation  

Task automation is the practice of reducing the manual processing of tasks. For example, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa automate multiple tasks through voice recognition. In a business context, task automation is possible in processes like accounts payable operations, human resources, accounting and banking operations, customer support, and marketing management.  

Be Future-Ready with AI and Machine Learning Training 

As an employee looking to have a solid career, it pays to be conversant with the most important applications of AI and machine learning. You need to know your way around machine-learning tools like productivity apps, communication systems, IT systems, and similar. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to pursue training programs in machine learning techniques, analytical techniques, data visualization, and natural language processing. 


Machine learning is transforming work processes through technologies like process mapping. By being on top of relevant developments and knowing your way around machine learning-related tools, you will score extra brownie points with present and future employers, maximizing your chances of having a stable long-term career.

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