The American Dream Academy

I’m still currently in the job market, but also very discouraged by the lack of interviews and interest in me as a job candidate. So I found a program called The American Dream Academy to attempt to improve my skills while I’m waiting for interviews. What is this program you ask?

The American Dream Academy is focused on creating meaningful opportunities for you to develop new skills to enter in-demand jobs fields or to prepare to earn a four-year college degree, regardless of your background or goals.

The Professional Certificates offered by The American Dream Academy are designed to prepare you to pursue an in-demand career and require no previous experience. You are required to complete one of them. They include:

  • IBM Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Meta: Facebook Social Media Marketing
  • Google Data Analytics
  • Google IT Support
  • Google Project Management
  • Google UX
  • Salesforce Sales Development Representative
  • Salesforce Sales Operations

So I decided to sign up for a couple of certificates: IBM Cybersecurity Analyst and Google UX. If I manage to complete either, it will be a surprise, but I hope it at least gets me back into wanting to job search. So far, I’ve managed to keep up for the first week, but I might fall behind again… Online learning is not ideal even though it seems easier.

Buy from me

On the product front, I’m selling some hair, skin, and beauty products on eBay, Poshmark, and now Mercari in an attempt to both reduce what I have and make some money. The temptation to buy is strong since I started researching Tatcha and have gotten obsessed with its products. Just yesterday, I went to buy a couple of sets of Tatcha products in person from someone I found on eBay/Craig’s List. I also shared with my mom the wonders of Waymo, which is a self-driving car service. Tatcha is also one of the few local SF companies I managed to interview for. If only they knew how obsessed I’ve become with their products!

Free Products to review

I’m also reviewing some exciting products for BzzAgent, which seems like a great way to try free stuff. So far, I’ve only gotten makeup from BzzAgent, but they offer coupons for food and even art supplies to test! I also just got an Influenster box for some Eva NYC purple shampoo… so back to being blonde! I recently tried Overtone’s Pink for Brown hair and was most excited when it faded to a light pink/rose gold, which is hard to get without being light blonde. However, I still long to try teal…

Other life updates

Last week, I had half my teeth deep cleaned at the UCSF dentistry school. It was so necessary after not going to any dentists for years. I usually avoid doctors too, and now I need a new psychiatrist, unfortunately. I’m far from in a good place financially at the moment and now even my taxes will require an expensive extension. Everything is not good these days, but hopefully, that will change soon. I have kept quiet about my job search troubles, but my confidence is really low from that.

I’m not too entrepreneurial, so I don’t see starting a business happening anytime soon. I do enjoy selling online, but my sales are too few and far between. However, I do see why people who sell online love thermal printers. It makes it a lot easier and more fun. Today was a second Mudkip Community Day in Pokemon Go, which was fun but tiring with the wind and walking.

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