7 Essential Tips For Your Next Road Trip


There are very few people who don’t like road trips. A trip by car might be slower but they are always memorable. You can take whatever you can fit in the trunk and you get to see new sights and visit new places. Below are a couple of helpful tips to make your next road trip fun and safe.

  1. Organized packing

    People who go on road trips don’t think too much about the packing part. In fact, because they will be in their own vehicle, they can just throw everything in the trunk and go. But a road trip is just like any trip – it is more enjoyable and it saves you time if you pack properly. Try to separate the ones you need handy with those you will only need at your destination. The former should be with you inside the car while the latter you can put in the trunk.

  2. Keep snacks handy

    Road trips can be long and there’s nothing that can ruin a trip other than having to stop every time someone wants food. So always keep a couple of snacks with you in the car during the trip. Try to avoid chips or any food with a lot of salt content so you don’t stop for bathroom breaks as often. Go for nuts and berries – something you can eat without making too much of a mess in the car.

  3. List down important numbers

    Another way to ruin a road trip is your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no help available. Make sure before any trip you have a list of possible emergency contacts such as tow trucks. Go over your route and search possible local towing companies along the way, for instance, “tow truck Graham” if you’re ever passing through that place. This ensures that whatever you might encounter in your trip, there will be someone you can call for assistance.

  4. Take breaks

    It’s never a good idea to drive through the entire way without stopping or taking breaks. Road trips are more about the journey than the destination so try to keep the trip interesting by stopping at certain spots along the way even if it’s a local diner. Use these breaks to stretch your legs from the endless hours of sitting or to use the bathroom. You can also stock up on snacks and drinks during these stopovers.

  5. Music or books

    It can’t be helped that you feel bored during long road trips which is why it’s important that you prepare entertainment during long quiet moments on the road. Music is always people’s first choice of road trip entertainment. An upbeat playlist is also going to help keep the driver alert. If you want something more engaging, you can go for audiobooks. It will make the trip productive.

  6. Use maps

    When people wanted to go on road trips, they would need to keep a paper map with them in the car at all times. If you’re not adept at manually tracking your progress on a physical map, there are a ton of map apps that will do the tracking for you. These apps are better at preventing drivers from getting lost and almost all come equipped with voice navigation so you don’t have to stare at it while driving.

  7. Try different routes

    And because you are using a good map app to keep you from getting lost, you now have the freedom to try routes you normally wouldn’t take. These routes can be off the interstate and meander through small towns and villages. This is a great way to explore new places and try out new things. As a tip, do a little research prior to visiting an unknown location so you know what to expect and which places you can stop for a quick visit.

Now that you have these tips, you can start planning for your next road trip. Remember to bring snacks and drinks, don’t over speed and remember to have fun. Road trips should be an easier and relaxed way to travel.

Huge thanks to Eliza Brooks for this guest post! 

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