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State of my hair address: Blondes really do have more fun (with their hair!)

Warning: this blog post is all about my hair which not everyone finds as exciting as I do, no sponsored links but if Punky Colour or Manic Panic or any other makers of hair dyes want to send me some stuff – I will happily try it!

Hair Coloring history

I’ve had my hair professionally dyed nearly 20 years ago (2001) when I was visiting family in Taipei and then a few times in LA in my last year of college (2002). However, it was not a hugely noticeable red, which you’d not expect of red. I have naturally dark hair, but it has slightly red undertones.

2020 Quarantine Dyeing Experiments

My hair after Simply Color in Truffle Brown by Schwartzkopf was added
No brown visible! But my hair is really dark normally

However, my hair is so dark that even dyeing it Truffle Brown (by Schwartzkopf Simply Color) last March was hardly noticeable. Fortunately, I was sent the color from Influenster so it was free, but box dye is normally a big no no because it usually contains ammonia. This one was more natural, but it hardly did anything for my dark hair.

Schwarzkopf Simply Color Box Dye in Truffle Brown - at least it has no Ammonia!
This does nothing for black hair

Adventures in Pink

Shortly after my cat died and I got a cute new kitten, I tried using color depositing shampoo by Punky Color in Pinktabulous (from Ulta). Since I hadn’t tried bleaching yet, it turned out unnoticeable except on my scalp! There is a slight pink glow from my hair, I guess?

My black hair with pink scalp after using Punky Colour Pinktabulous
Dyed my scalp pink!

To finally make the color stand out, I decided I had to bleach my hair and bought the cheapest boxed bleach kit I could find on ebay (it really should come with more warnings). I remember it smelled awful and I didn’t use a bunch of it. It did the job, but of course I was left with very orange hair.

My first attempt at bleaching my hair with boxed bleach from Kiss
My first bleaching experiment turned out ok

Not wanting to wait, I immediately used the Punky Colour Pinktabulous color depositing shampoo + conditioner and was left with a decently pink coral color on my hair. I was pleased with the new pinker color and continued using the shampoo and even picked up the semi permanent creme by Punky Colour in Flamingo Pink from Ulta.

Bleached hair with Punky Colour Pinktabulous
Trying Punky Colour’s Pinktabulous 3 in 1 color depositing shampoo + conditioner

I put off a lot of haircuts while my city was in lockdown and finally went in mid January to my local Supercuts (my usual salon). I think watched a lot of bleaching and hair color videos on YouTube until I felt fully confident of what products to get to bleach and color my own hair again.

My Pink hair with Punky Colour semi permanent color in Flamingo Pink (eye popping!)
Flamingo pink is super pink, but messy

New Year, New Roots?

Schwarzkopf got2b Metallics in Amethyst Chrome, at least the box is nice
Maybe this works better on lighter hair?

After attempting to use another box dye by Got2B Metallics from Target that did nothing but slightly orange my roots in January, I decided I would just have to bleach my roots again if I wanted to refresh and possibly change the color.

Trying the Got2B Metallics made my roots a little orange
My Got2B Metallics experience was not great

My first visit to Sally Beauty (a location I always drove by but never visited) was exciting and oddly familiar (most people mention it in their YouTube videos). I didn’t study beauty or cosmetology, but this is the kind of place that makes me want to: I think of it as like an art supply store for my artist friends.

Going Blonde (sort of)

I discovered Ion Bright white creme lightener and read on the instructions to use it with 20 volume developer on my roots. The ion brand was familiar to me because years ago, a seller included a blue semi permanent hair dye in my Poshmark order.

ion brand lightening products + wella color charm T10 toner from Sally Beauty
Bleaching supplies from Sally Beauty!

The shopkeeper at Sally Beauty recommended Wella Colorcharm toner in T10 since I mentioned I wanted to eventually dye the blonde blue, so no ash tones needed. I didn’t notice a huge difference, but perhaps it’s less orange?

my current yellow, pink, and orange hair - I'm oddly pleased with it
The current state of my yellow, pink, Orange hair

Initially, I was going for a root touch up so I could continue coloring my hair a bright ombré – still considering teal/turquoise and hot pink/magenta. But after my 2nd bleaching session, I’m almost settled on staying blonde for awhile. The pink is still there and it’s more orange in the back and sides, but the blonde spots at the top of my head look surprisingly good.

how I might want my hair courtesy of Hogwarts Mystery
This is the hair I like from Hogwarts Mystery

My hair doesn’t even need to be the same color, it actually is a little more interesting being a few different colors to me. Lately, I’ve been playing around with YouCam Makeup app testing out different hair color combinations and I’m not even sure what i want anymore! Hogwarts Mystery had this great color for Valentine’s Day last year.

My Future in Color

The plan was Manic Panic Turquoise on top and Hot Hot Pink on the sides and back… if I wanted to use what I have the picture below might be what I could end up with, which I really kind of like! However, I also really like the blonde but I doubt I would look as good fully blonde and it’s not possible with my hair color and inability to reach the back of my head that well.

YouCamMakeup App ombre in blue and pink (with a slight purple)
A possible favorite ombré hair color thanks to YouCamMakeup app!

Here are my current hair dyes and post process color depositing shampoo and masks, as you can see they aren’t my desired turquoise or teal color… I’m not sure I want a regular sky blue, but I’m pretty cool with Hot Hot Pink and Magenta for my pinks:

My Punky Colour, Ion, and Manic Panic possibilities
Punky Colour Bluemania 3 in 1 color depositing shampoo + conditioner, ion Color Brilliance Brights in Sky Blue, ion Pigments Color depositing masque in Magenta, Manic Panic Amplified in Hot Hot Pink

Then again, this is how YouCam MakeUp app shows my turquoise ombre hair though with more of a purple instead of a pink and I do kind of prefer the other image because that blue is too light and too bright:

YouCamMakeup app ombre in Turquoise and Purple - I don't like it as much

At this point, my indecisiveness is probably best for my hair so I stay blonde as long as possible so I don’t keep changing my mind and potentially ruining my hair (the prospect of platinum blonde hair is also intriguing and impossible!). Hair was never such a big deal to me before until I realized how many colors it could be!

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