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Pigly Financial Calculators for Personal Finance and Health

Finances are a tricky thing, and Pigly is a great website offering free interactive tools and calculators to teach people about personal finance.  They offer a wide range of tools from savings, budgeting, retirement planning, mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, and so on. The site offers something relevant for just about everyone. In my case, I’m overloaded with credit cards and lacking income (though I have options).

Health Calculators

I thought it was especially interesting that it has Health Calculators for things like weight loss and quitting smoking, in addition to insurance related health calculators for HSAs. Health and finances are closely related because food usually costs money as does cigarettes. Losing weight affects health, which can be costly also if not properly cared for. Now I’m not exactly interested in weight loss as much as motivating myself to exercise for my health, but I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds.

Housing Calculators

Another useful item is the Renting vs Buying calculator for renters of apartments or homes. I always thought buying was the best option, but there were some mortgage scandals that make it seem like a bad idea. Anyways, every financial situation is different, which is probably why these calculators are so useful! Another nice thing is its ad-free for now, though with all the useful tools – I’m not sure how it will stay that way.

Pigly Financial Calculators for Personal Finance and Health 1

Suggestions on Future Calculators

I have a few ideas on how they could expand their large variety of interactive tools… seeing as how Children and Pets greatly affect our finances, perhaps a calculator on those costs. As someone who recently paid a lot to see just get a sick cat diagnosed, it probably affected my finances more than most situations.

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