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Benefits of Hiring a Videographer

Image Credit: Pixabay
Image Credit: Pixabay

Video is extremely important in today’s business world. Entire social media platforms like YouTube are dedicated to video, while other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter make videos a key component. In addition, television ads require some sort of video production, meaning that video content is vital to many aspects of marketing and advertising.

These are just some of the reasons why videographers are important, and you can even make an argument that your business should hire an in-house videographer. If you see a videographer for hire, it may be time to bite the bullet and incorporate them into the company. An in-house videographer can handle lots of things and has many advantages that freelance workers can’t give you. What exactly are these benefits? Here’s why you should hire a videographer. 

Capture Important Moments

Having a full-time videographer can do many things for you, but one of the biggest is capturing important candid moments. Hiring a freelance videographer can certainly get things done on certain occasions, but the things that these outsourced videographers film are usually planned and scripted.

This can be seen as a downside, as some of the biggest and most important moments of your company happen unplanned. Some of the best videos that will be created from your videographer will be candid reactions and the little things that an outsourced photographer might not think to film, which makes having a full-time videographer in your company a huge asset.

Create Video Content

Video content is extremely important when it comes to advertising. Video content can be used in SEO and other forms of digital marketing, or it can be used in more traditional forms of advertising such as television commercials. While you may be thinking that a freelance videographer can fulfill the same role, they can’t do it to the same extent as a full-time employee can.

An in-house videographer can create a wide variety of video content, giving you a wide range of content to pick from. You can even use some of those aforementioned candid moments in your video content. Video content is extremely important when it comes to advertising and expanding your business, and there’s no better way to produce it than hiring a full-time videographer. 

Fluid Content Process

Another advantage that a full-time videographer may have over an outsourced one is the connection with your other employees. After working with your other employees for some time, bonds will be formed that will create a team-like environment and make the content creation process much more fluid.

Your videographer will have experience working with the copy team and your various other employees after some time. This experience and familiarity bodes well for your company, as the different areas of your company will begin to work better together. This not only means better video content being created, but it also means the content will be created much faster and more efficiently.


One of the biggest freedoms that having a full-time videographer can grant you is the ability to experiment with content creation. When outsourcing your video production, usually you are afraid to experiment too drastically. Freelance videographers usually only come in for a set time, and you don’t want to waste this valuable time by experimenting with an idea that might not pan out.

However, with a full-time videographer, time is on your side. Your videographer can use their time to experiment with new ideas and shots, something that can be a huge boost to your video content. Not all of your ideas will pan out, but some will, and this successful experimentation can take your video content to the next level. 


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