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Kasabian, Slaves @ The Wiltern 9-23-17

Kasabian @ The Wiltern 9-23-17
Kasabian @ The Wiltern 9-23-17

Thanks to ThrillCall for getting me tickets to Kasabian!┬áThe Wiltern was the place to be on Saturday night (particularly if you were visiting from Glasgow, for some reason) because Kasabian and Slaves were bringing the noize. They also caused a huge dance party on the Wiltern floor. Not sure about the balcony, but I’m guessing it was also packed and full of movement.

Alexander (The Portable Infinite) had a photo pass this time and his photos are actually really good since he got some closeups. I was in the back behind the soundboard area most of the night, but this did allow for some decent shots of the stage and videos of the crowd. Actually, I wanted to enjoy the show more, so I didn’t take much video (Bumblebee, Club Foot, Empire, You’re In Love With a Psycho). Still, it’s enough to give you an idea of how great Kasabian are to see live.

Slaves @ The Wiltern 9-23-17
Slaves @ The Wiltern 9-23-17

Slaves were surprisingly good with just a singer/drummer and guitarist, only surprising because I knew nothing about them. Some people we talked to said they were hyped up over in the UK and heard they were good too. They had at least one song that reminded me of BRMC (Stop, maybe?), I think it might be “Socket” or “Hypnotised“? They played awhile and were already causing a lot of excitement for those who were early enough to catch them. Excellent choice of opener for Kasabian.

I didn’t realize how much dance music influenced Kasabian more than most bands, it allows them to make some very anthemic electronic dance rock that might ideally fill stadiums over large theaters like the Wiltern. I know they play stadiums in their hometown, and I’m assuming also in Glasgow – which is where it seems many fans had happened to be from that night.

I’d mistakenly thought that I was at a Coachella they played one year, but I definitely did see Kasabian in 2005 at the tiniest possible club in San Francisco called Popscene. Musically, Kasabian has maintained their signature sound of very hook filled rock songs, that are both melodic and danceable. I guess the rave culture they grew up on gave them a good sense of how to balance the electronic and rock elements that makes them so good. They’re the best at what they do, in my opinion. Also, it helps that they toured with BRMC and I believe are still friends.

kasabian @ popscene

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