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Goldfrapp @ Hollywood Bowl, 9-18-2017

Goldfrapp and New Order were both amazing, though not as many people were there for Goldfrapp – though they should have been! I understand not everyone can switch their days off, I probably wouldn’t have made it so early without that. Though I think the day after would have made more sense since I was exhausted all day. I’m probably more a fan of Goldfrapp than New Order these days, based on whose albums I still listen to most and I pre-ordered “Silver Eye.”

New Order still holds a special place in my heart, though I haven’t listened to their latest albums. I took some videos and am in the process of combining a video of “Ride a White Horse” since I accidentally stopped 1 minute into the song. It almost seems like the Hollywood Bowl was made for bands like New Order and Goldfrapp with the lights and fog, though their sounds are probably more dance-y than most bands who play there.

Still in the process of uploading New Order videos, those are coming up next!

Here’s the setlist thanks to Setlist.FM:




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