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Shop my closets on Vinted and Poshmark

VintedAs what always seems to happen on secondhand clothing markets, I end up buying more than selling. Well, I’ve got a lot to sell, so it’s more a matter of listing and possibly just letting go as much as I can. I made my first sale on Vinted a few days ago and later that day, my first sale on Poshmark. Oddly enough, both items that sold were purchased from the other sites! I can’t say I really have a preference for either, there’s tons of great stuff at low prices and nice sellers on both.


Since I’ve only been active on either site for a little over a week, I’m really not sure which is better. It seems a lot easier to get followers on Poshmark than sellers and I’ve read that Vinted has a nicer community, but I can’t tell either way yet. I did get a photo of myself with some #VintedTreasures retweeted by them, so that does make me kind of like them more. On the other hand, I’ve had more canceled orders on Vinted (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!).


Poshmark may have better technology, but they also for some reason have a lot of scammers. I’ve seen so many scammer alerts which worries me! This also makes me more lean towards liking Vinted.  I actually had accepted offers on both sites for what I sold, it seems really hard to make even one sale. I’ve sold more on eBay and Amazon in the same week without the effort. Consignment shopping is easy, it’s the selling that is really tough! I’m pretty sure being a sales person is one of the hardest jobs out there (though I guess it depends on the product). In terms of clothes, it’s a pain!

I’ve sent many bags of clothes to ThredUp and Twice before I decided this might be a better option, but now I’m not so sure. Going to physical stores like Buffalo Exchange is also no easier. Anyways, the world of fashion is very fickle and who really knows what’s going to sell? Apparently, not me! So it currently doesn’t look like I can make selling clothes online a full time gig. I will continue trying to empty my closets as much as possible. I do have a lot that might sell, the main problem is getting everything listed.

I haven’t quite figured out what’s the best way to list or sell items, but I can tell photos are definitely best taken in the daytime in natural light.

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Shop my closets on Vinted and Poshmark 1

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