The Most Popular Xbox Games for Children and Young Teens

With Christmas just around the corner, no doubt your kids are clamoring for a selection of new games for their Xbox One, but with so many games to choose from, you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. You also need to make sure you buy a game that is age appropriate, because there are many games out there that are completely unsuitable for kids and younger teenagers. So if you are looking for a suitable game for a youngster, here are a few options worth considering.

Minecraft on Xbox

minecraft-xbox-one-editionEveryone’s favorite sandbox game is available on Xbox One. It is the perfect game for kids and young teens, which is why it is one of the most popular. The best thing about Minecraft is that it builds their imaginations. There are dozens of Minecraft worlds to explore on a Minecraft server list, so your kids will be kept fully occupied for the entire festive break – which means you can have a rest and catch up on your favorite TV shows.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super HeroesLego has been around for decades. Kids of all ages adore playing with their small, plastic bricks, but now Lego has been transformed into an Xbox One game, younger children will have a ball playing with cool Lego superheroes. Kids can choose from a selection of Marvel characters, including Captain America, Spiderman and Wolverine, or craft their own out of Lego bricks. They will be able to smash up Lego walls and explore a Lego version of New York.

Lego Jurassic World

Lego-Jurassic-World-gameThe Jurassic World franchise was phenomenally successful because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? If your kids and teens enjoyed the movies, they are bound to love the Xbox game. Lego Jurassic World takes key scenes from each of the movies and recreates them in Lego. Kids can play with Lego dinosaurs, create collections of their favorite reptiles, and explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. There is even dual player action if they want you to join in.

Just Dance 2015

Just_dance_2015For older kids and teens, the Just Dance 2015 game for Xbox is fantastic. The game teaches kids all the top moves for the dancefloor and includes some of the best-loved dance tracks from 2015, including “Bang Bang” by Jessie J and “Maps” by Maroon 5. Kids can dance alone, or go online and dance in the multiplayer mode, competing against friends or top-ranked Just Dancers.


Rayman Legends

Rayman LegendsRayman Legends is a top-rated, critically acclaimed game for Xbox One. Join Rayman and his friends on an epic adventure through the Glade of Dreams, fighting terrifying monsters and testing your skills in a variety of different challenges. The game has multi-player and online modes, so kids can play with up to four friends at a time. Gameplay is seamless, so if a friend has to leave, the rest of the group can continue playing. Music is all-important in Rayman Legends and many things are set to music.

Farming Simulator 15

Farming Simulator 15If your kids or teens are big fans of the outdoors, they will enjoy playing on this farming simulator for Xbox One. The game has an Open World format, so players can explore a beautifully rendered environment over hundreds of acres of Nordic farmland, which surrounds a renovated North American farmstead. Kids can drive authentic farming machines, practice using farming tools, and there is even a wood cutting simulator.


FIFA 15Football fans will definitely want a copy of FIFA 15 in their Christmas stocking. FIFA is a tried and tested format that brings the world of professional soccer to life in extraordinary detail. This latest version adds emotional intelligence into the mix, so your players are more responsive and real. It is a great game for kids and teens with an interest in soccer, so fans of the beautiful game will be thrilled with this as a gift.

Forza Motorsport 6

Boxshot Wizard file used for creating global boxshots

Forza Motorsport 6 is ideal for older kids and teens. Players can collect beautiful cars and race them on world-famous tracks. The game graphics are amazing and you will feel as if you are really on the track at Monte Carlo or Daytona. Thanks to Xbox Live cloud, kids can race with their friends, taking part in up to 24 different multi-player races. The gameplay is stunning and racing fans will not be disappointed to receive this game as a gift.

There are hundreds of different Xbox games to choose from, but do make sure the game you buy is suitable for the age of the child.

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