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Fashion Island Tree Lighting

My mom used to live near Fashion Island, but I’ve only been there a few times for events or to shop. Disneyland is nothing new to me and a few minutes into the 20 minute Disney performance. My boyfriend got tired of it after working there for a year. I feel sorry for parents (or grandparents), who have small children who love watching “Frozen.” They watch it all the time and sing along to every word of the songs. The joys of parenting…

Anyhow, there were plenty of refreshments in the VIP area for sponsors and media, so that was nice. There were some tasty appetizers and cookies wrapped up that we could bring home. I got a free blanket too, which was necessary that night since it actually snowed! Still, this is Southern California and none of that snow ever happens naturally. Perhaps, I could’ve been more into it if my boyfriend didn’t keep reminding me it was an advertisement for Disneyland.

Honestly, Disneyland is so rich and famous it doesn’t even need to advertise.

It probably just has a lot of partnerships and business relationships to maintain.

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