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Goodbye Twice, best of luck to your staff!

AnthropologieDressOne of my favorite sites for buying/selling clothes, Twice recently announced their technology was being acquired by eBay Valet. I’ve been watching their Facebook page closely lately since they were doing a lot of daily giveaways.  About a week ago, I actually managed to win a “Guess The Dress” contest for this Anthropologie dress in the picture (it was $31.95). This amount was added to my account, which already had about $45 in it from my own selling to them.

According to this article in SF Weekly, they had a farewell party for the employees being laid off in Dolores Park in San Francisco near their office in the Mission district. Apparently, almost all of their staff were losing their jobs. Honestly, this type of news would make me more sad if I had a job to lose or personally knew someone affected by it. Also, I don’t know if they are getting a good severance package or anything because I doubt they make that known to the public.

I was just happy that I was able to get an extra 30% off my final order with them. Getting the retail therapy was long missing in my extended period of unemployment (apparently, I suck and am not qualified to do anything). Self pity aside, clothes usually makes me happy and I further decided to take advantage of a 30% off clearance sale at Aeropostale. I decided to look into because some Aeropostale clothes I saw on eBay. (Thanks eBay! I’m not even sure if I’m being sarcastic.)

I also posted a slightly more journalistic version of this blog post on, check it out:

Twice Clothing technology acquired by eBay Valet

Tech news is something I see a lot of every day. Since I actually have used Twice and tried to get others to use it, this affects me more than most tech stories. I think their name itself was a slight disadvantage since was already taken. They had to use (which is not as easy to remember). Even so, it seems they still grew a lot from their beginnings in 2012. I was rarely disappointed selling or buying from them (which was only twice!).

Twice was understandably picky about brands (higher end and designer labels) and condition of clothes. I liked the fact that they explained why they rejected certain items: I accepted their offers 4 out of the 5 bags of clothes I sent since last year. It may be a good thing that they didn’t return rejected clothing, I’d end up holding on to that stuff forever. I took store credit when they offered under $50, which explains why I didn’t buy from them much.

My last order used up most of the $77 store credit I had and combined with 30% off. I got 13 items which would’ve cost over $100! Also, they include retail prices and the invoice says I save $733.35 off that. I never usually shop retail, but that amount does kind of surprise me still. The higher end brands also means higher possible resale value if I dislike something. So, it’s a win-win!

Now Twice are even giving 35% off until July 26, 2015 PST with the promo code: FINAL35


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