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StudioSavers Cord Cover – Cherry

I recently received a StudioSavers Cord Saver from in a lovely Cherry wood finish. It’s about 3 feet long and 2.5″ wide, so it arrived in a really long box. After looking at some photos from the Cigar Box guitar book, I thought it might make a nice neck for one. But the main purpose of this product is to protect cables for studios or musicians who are running a lot of cables across rooms.

Here are the features of this product:

  • Decorative look to match any floors, including some wood finishes
  • Hard PVC provides great cord protection from foot traffic
  • Tacky non-skid rubber backing to secure in place prevents tripping hazards
  • Holds up to (6) 1/4” cables (XLR, guitar cables, audio/video cables) without insert
  • Comes in 36″ (3 ft) lengths
  • 2-piece adhesive non-slip strips means the cord cover stays in place.
  • Removable snap-on cover
  • Interlock to desired length, 100% modular to fit your needs.
  • Wide design holds more cables

I wonder if I know any musicians or studios who could use this. We don’t usually run a lot of cables around the house that need protecting. I tried it out in my room and it was not so useful as I really only have one cord running across that is easily hidden under a rug. I’m sure it would be great if you did have a lot of cords or cables in 3 foot space that had a lot of foot traffic.

Here’s more info on the company and products I received the sample from:

Cable Management For Music Gear, Recording Studios, Live Venues and more…

Whether you’re into mellow strumming or totally rocking out, making music is always better when you have the right equipment and cable management to keep your gear organized and in top shape. Spend a lot of time in the studio? We can set you up with recording equipment racks, audio and instrument cables, cord covers to prevent tripping and cable damage, and even microphone pop-filters to help your sound engineer cut back on editing time. If hitting the road to play shows and gigs is more your thing, we’ve got you covered there, too, with travel racks and cases, onstage cableprotectors, microphone and speaker cables, and wire managers to keep them organized between jobs.

Cable Protection

Mounting Racks


Portable Cases



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