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Early Spring Cleaning

Thanks to a 3.1 cu ft Vissani mini fridge from Home Depot and a recent trip to Ikea for a 5 drawer chest (Kullen) and a media shelf (white Billy with Billy Valbo door), my room has undergone a drastic transformation. It’s a welcome change that I’d like to continue – I have a new excitement for de-cluttering my room (and other rooms) and tidying things up in general.

I’ve decided to reduce as much as I can so that things don’t continue piling up. I’ve barely started, but I’m already very happy with how much cleaner and more organized my room has gotten in a short time. It’s great motivation to continue in this direction.

The next step is tough: sorting through all the crap and determining what to sell, donate, or toss. Of course, I’ll probably think of a good excuse to keep some of it, but I’ll try not to do that as much as I have done. Though actually getting rid of everything, preparing it for sale, and tossing out stuff is the hard part. I’m not as bad as some people on hoarders, but I’m definitely a pack rat. I have stuff from years ago that I should toss, but I’m going to focus on the excess first. Just reducing it to a manageable amount before I actually go to getting rid of the older stuff. Technically, I have 3 rooms full of excess crap, so that is a daunting task in itself.

I’m also happy to report that my boyfriend reduced his game collection (mostly xbox 360) by a good amount, which also helped pay for the new Metal Gear Rising game that he has been so excited about for a long time. Games are a bit easier to get rid of in that respect since GameStops are everywhere, but that is just more motivation to reduce the amount of stuff we have in general. Being able to fit most of his console and portable games in that cabinet with our blu ray and DVD collection was an exciting achievement.

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